STDS: How many of them do you know?

They taught us that “prevention is better than cure” but we know well the difficulty of putting into practice two fundamental principles of Social Ethics, that of prevention and precaution. Moving from a culture of need, of individual emergency to that of prevention in the social and civil spheres is a challenge that must involve everyone, the result of a total mobilization.

STDS: How many of them do you know?

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Can a multi partner sex life or having sexual intercourses with a HIV+ partner increase the risk of HIV infection?

Does a HIV+ person reveal any signs/symptoms of the infection?

Does the condom prevent any risk of infection?

Is there a female condom?

Can HIV be transmitted through skin contacts?

Does a French kiss transmit HIV?

Sharing a glass with a HIV+ person, can transmit the virus?

Do insects and pets transmit HIV infection?

Do towel, sheets and WC seats transmit HIV virus?

Can the virus be transmitted attending gyms, showers, saunas, swimming pools, restaurants or bars?

Can you get tested for HIV anonymously and free of charge in public facilities?

When you should get tested for HIV?